Trabzonspor USA, based in New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA, is a social extension of a sports club Trabzonspor, located in Trabzon, Turkey, thus the name Trabzonspor, embodying all types of sports for their men and women members.

The Mission of Trabzonspor USA is to gather all the fans of Trabzonspor, whether born in Trabzon or not, under one roof to meet each other, commonly promote positive image of Trabzonspor in the USA, help make a favorable difference in the lives of men, women and children members to achieve their highest potential goal in life while organizing entertainment, cultural events and reminiscing the common and/or personal memories associated with Trabzonspor.

It also promotes friendship and support among the members and fans of the Club as well as with the members of the other similar clubs.

It achieves these goals by inviting speakers from Trabzonspor, Turkey, to disseminate the philosophy of the Club, touch-upon worldwide and national achievements of the sportsmen/women of the Club, by helping Trabzonspor with their needs in the USA, selling items such as signed jerseys, photos, shoes, uniforms, caps and other memorabilia, organizing concerts and dance performances to provide financial resources for its activities as well as create entertainment for the fans and friends.